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The Cologne Congress


OPTIMISATION is an ambiguous and exciting topos charged with various sometimes contradictory and ambivalent meanings. The Congress will address these different dimensions and facets of OPTIMISATION in the context of the devisions of the DGfE and explore their significance. The influences of other functional systems (economics, politics, health, media, etc.) on pedagogical practice and educational science will be a focus point of the Cologne Congress, as will be the influence of pedagogical and educational stakeholders on social and cultural optimisation processes.

The 27th DGfE Congress offers different formats for exchange, controversy and informations that enable presentations and works regarding the conference topic and other currently relevant subjects in the educational sciences. Besides the main Plenary Events and Keynotes, Symposia and Working Groups will form the core of the Conference. Keynotes, Symposia and Poster Sessions will target the Congress main topic of OPTIMISATION. Working Groups and Research Forums as well as the Posterpresentation can be shaped more freely regarding their thematic focus. In addition to these traditional panels, the 27th Congress will again offer the opportunity to organise AdHoc Groups. This format provides an opportunity to report at short notice on particularly pressing questions and topics in educational sciences.

The 27th Conference decidedly wants to catalyse the internationalisation of the educational research by placing international dialogue in the different formats. Therefore it is desired, that international colleagues should be part of the events.