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Registration for the DGfE-Congress 2020 OPTIMISATION

The DGfE Congress 2020 is financed by participation fees. All participants of the DGfE Congress are therefore subjected to a fee: Both speakers and visitors are obliged to register. Registration is done via the conference management system ConfTool. The current state of the conference programme can always be found at

The congress fees vary across the registration period: Early bird (until 30 September), normal price (until 15 January), and late booker (from 16 January).

Within the respective periods, the fees are based on membership in specific groups. In addition to discounts for members of the DGfE and its European partner organisations, there are other discounts depending on economic capacity. As a doctoral student, please get an associate membership with the DGfE in order to benefit from discounts. The annual fee is currently 35 Euro for associate members.

Speakers from outside Europe will be presented with reduced prices, since most presentations will be held in German. This option is subject to geography based IP filtering: it will only be shown when your IP address indicates that you are outside Europe. If you register from outside the European banking system (SEPA), you will be able to pay via credit card upon arrival. If you would like to use this option, please include a note in your registration or send an email. Thank you.

Fees for non German speaking participants residing outside Europe:
Early bird: 125,- Euros (day ticket: 70,- Euros)
Regular price: 165,- Euros (day ticket: 90,- Euros)
Late bookers: 265,- Euros (day ticket: 140,- Euros)

Speakers from inside Europe who do not understand German can apply for reduced fees by email if participation can otherwise not be realised.

>>> Register via ConfTool <<<

In order ro register, you will need a ConfTool account. If you already have a ConfTool account for the 2020 DGfE Congress that was used for submission, please use it again for registration. Accounts from previous/other conferences are no longer available.


Terms and conditions

  • The registration of participation is binding
  • All participants (active and passive) must register for the conference
  • The participation fees are owed upon registration and are payable within 14 days following submission of the registration
  • No refunds
  • Full payment of the registration fee has to be received before participation
  • If registered with time rebate, fees must be received no later than 14 days after the rebate period. Otherwise, the full fare becomes applicable
  • Participants from outside SEPA-countries may pay by credit card (VISA/MasterCard/Maestro/GiroPay) upon arrival (without losing early-bird rebate). If applicable, please contact us by mail to change your payment details:
  • The conference program may be subject to changes
  • Payments will be refunded, should the conference be cancelled by the organizer. In that case, the organizer will have no further liability to the client. Registrations remain valid if the conference has to be postponed
  • Please beware of German personality rights: Before you publish any pictures of single persons or small groups or even slides that are used in presentations on social media or elsewhere, you must have their (the person’s or the author’s) explicit permission to do so. Before recording any sound or video, you must have permission to do so by every person distinguishably audible/visible on the recording. Please do not take any pictures/videos during the party following the congress banquette